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By WBTA intern Gretel Kauffman

Genesee County may be forced to borrow money to cover the county nursing home’s debt.

The County Nursing home owes 3.2 million dollars to the county’s general fund before the end of the year. However, the nursing home cannot pay the county until they receive the money owed to them by New York State in intergovernmental transfer funds. If the payments are not made by December, the county will need to seek a temporary loan to make its annual pension fund payment.

County Legislature's Chairwoman Mary Pat Hancock says the situation is bleak.

“It’s a matter of crisis. The reimbursements are slow in coming and they are not adequate for the requirements of the clients and patients,” Hancock said.

The county will need to keep paying the nursing home bills regardless of how long it takes the state to reimburse them.

“We’re trying very hard to turn it around, trying very hard to make all of the changes necessary to make it as profitable and still absolutely as serviceable to the clients as possible, but it’s a very difficult situation we find ourselves in,” Hancock said.



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