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Employers are now required to provide free birth control to female workers. The law went into effect Wednesday, this is part of President Obama’s Healthcare plan. 

Religious organizations are said to be exempt, but their employees can still obtain contraceptives covered by insurance companies. The religious organizations pay for the contraception through their insurance premiums.

Monsignor Robert Zapfel is the representative for healthcare with the Diocese of Buffalo. He said the new law violates religious freedom and the separation of church and state.

"It really is a constitutional issue and it’s an issue that every American should be concerned about, whether or not they agree with our churches or any churches teaching on contraception or abortion the issue is rather the ability of a church to say that this is a moral issue for us and we have a stance against this, and we have the right to do this," Zapfel. 

Zapfel said the diocese along with many companies with religious and non-religious afflation plan to take the issue up in court.

The birth control requirement is one of eight rules related to women's health that went into effect Wednesday. 

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