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It was quite the thunderstorm that swept though Genesee County Tuesday.The high winds knocked down tree limbs and power lines, the heavy rain got into electrical boxes causing some small transformer fires.

Local roadways and viaducts were flooded causing hazardous driving conditions, but Emergency Management Coordinator Tim Yaeger said looking outside Wednesday you would wouldn’t even know how chaotic it really was last night.

He said within the two hours that the storm hit emergency crews quickly responded.

“Most of the issues really came down through flooded basements that find with some homes  had  significant four or five feet six feet of water in basements which is very significant because now it affects the integrity of the household utilities,” said Yaeger.

Yaeger said there no reports of injuries or major car accidents during the storm. He said some people are still working to rid their basements of water and crews are still working to remove some downed tree limbs, but all an all the aftermath was not too bad. 

The National Weather Service estimated that about 3 inches of rain fell in Batavia and about 2 inches fell in LeRoy.

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