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A record number of arrests at Darien Lake’s latest concert. 225 people were charged with underage drinking at Sunday night’s Toby Keith concert.

The staggering number begs the question of whether the penalties for underage drinking are discouraging enough.

If a person under 21 gets caught drinking or in possession of alcohol in Genesee County they will pay a $50 court fee and must take a $50, two-hour accountability course with GCASA.

Prevention Educator with GCASA Bethany Iacucci said she believes the penalties in place are appropriate for first time offenders.

"I think that if they don’t follow through with the class or something of the sort I think there needs to be more punishment for that and  I believe if you are a repeat offender I think there needs to be something that is a little more significant than what you received as a punishment for the first time," said Iacucci. 

Iacucci said each kid that attends the two-hour session tell her that they have learned something. She said many often say $100 and two-hours later the drinking wasn’t worth it.

"The more publicity that comes out they realize that the cops are there more so the more the number of kids that tare getting caught I know that from the kids I have talked to that have come to the accountability circles they have mentioned that they have talked to their friends and the word is out enough that they understand that they are going to get caught if they do drink at Darien Lake," said Iacucci.

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