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Patrons of Darien Lake will no longer be allowed to park along Sumner Road. Darien Lake has announced that theme park goers will be required to park their cars in Darien Lake owned lots and a fence will be put up to further discourage parking on Sumner Road.

Steve Hallowell is the Marketing Director at Darien Lake, He said they’ve been working on the plan since last summer.

“We’ve been working with our neighbors with live nation Genesee County Sheriffs department state police and we have really gotten pretty solid support thorough the decreasing traffic decreasing the amount of pedestrians walking up and down the road increasing the safety is really for the good of everyone,” said Hallowell.

Hallowell said the fence will make it so patrons will only have one way to access the park.

County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy of Road Patrol Gordon Dibble said they support Darien Lakes’ new rule.

“Clearly the mixture of foot traffic and vehicle traffic on Sumner Road was not safe. So we think that it is going to make it safer out there for the concert goers and it should alleviate that mixture of foot traffic on a very narrow county road out there with very narrow shoulders,” said Dibble.

The new rule takes effect August 17th.

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