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The weather in Western New York has been very unpredictable these past few months with barely any rain so far this summer and now county farmers are suffering due to the dryness.

According to Meteorologist Aaron Reynolds with the weather service in Buffalo the rest of the summer will continue to be very dry.

“Looking forward to the next several days were going to see mostly sunny skies and then were going to warm right back up into the mid 80’s to upper 80’s. The only chance of rain that were really seeing here is Saturday were we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms, but even that could be hit or miss,” said Reynolds.

Warm and dry whether might be good news to some, but local farmers are feeling the backlash from the lack of precipitation. Vice President of Lamb farms Jim Veazey said it’s a butterfly effect type of situation, without rain the growth of their grain crops to feed their dairy cows is suffering.  

“It probably will have an effect on milk price long-term, because it’s a nationwide drought situation which will effect the milk production and it will lower the production nationally which will help raise the price some what, but it may not be enough to compensate in feed cost,” said Veazey.

Veazey said the only thing farmers can do when there is a lack of rain is conserve moisture in the soil and take from a larger water sheds like local creeks, but sometimes that’s not even enough.

“We don’t like to buy feed from out of area, because transportation costs are so high to bring it in from out of state that the more we can grow locally and feed locally gives us our best opportunity for margin for profit,” said Veazey.

Reynolds said it doesn’t look like the pattern of dry whether is going to break anytime soon and the overall unusual weather we've been experiencing this year should continue into the fall.

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