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The census count continues in America, but some Genesee County residents are confused about how they will receive their census papers.
Residents with home mailboxes have likely already received their papers. But P.O. Box users largely have not received their census.
That’s because the Census Bureau is handing out papers to those recipients manually, door-to-door. That process is not expected to start until May.
And there’s potential for more confusion. The Census Bureau is planning to perform a 2nd mailing to all residents in the Towns of Byron, Bergen, Bethany, and Pavilion.
Genesee County Planner Jill Babinski explains.
Babinski says those second mailings could reach homes as early as tomorrow. So if you receive another census, it’s not a government April Fools joke – just a precaution. Babinski says if you’ve already completed the first round of census papers, you don’t have to worry about the second one.

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