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The State is planning to take over the administrative work done for Medicaid. But, last night Genesee County Social Services told the County Legislature’s Human Services Committee that the State isn’t quite ready for the switch.

Right now the administrative functions for Medicaid recipients in the County are done by local social services workers.  

Social Services Commissioner Eileen Kirkpatrick said the State plans to make the switch by April 2018, but that’s not soon enough.  

“Local social services districts are capped in the amount of administrative funding they will get to perform the tasks for the state. So you get into a situation where we can’t spend more money than we did in the 2011/12 budget year to do as much of the work as the state leaves for us,” said Kirkpatrick.

In New York State Medicaid is a $53 billion program and about 3% of the expense goes to administration. Kirkpatrick said that if the County continues to administer the program local wages and other expenses will continue to go up.

“The problem is we have to administer the program for as long as the state tells us that we have to. So even if I say take it all, the state says you must do the work until we want to take it. So you’re in a very, very catch twenty-two type situation,” said Kirkpatrick.

Kirkpatrick suggested that the County ask for the State to take over sooner.

Some employees currently working in the local administrative jobs will be able to transfer to the state payroll. 

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