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Batavia City Fire officials have not yet released the cause of a fire that broke out in a Union Street home early Friday evening. Batavia City Fire Chief Jim Maxwell said that they will not have information to release to the public until Sunday at the earliest. Doug Veltz, who recently sold the home, said that he awoke to the smell of smoke and when he came downstairs he could see a flame coming from the burner on the stove. Veltz said he must have bumped the dial before his nap. After attempting to put the fire out himself, he realized that it was beyond his control and dialed 911. The back of the house has been badly damaged, but new owner Terry Platt believes that the structure remains solid. All trucks from the City Fire Department were called to the scene as well as the Town of Batavia’s Fast Team, Mercy EMS and the Batavia Police Department. There were no injuries in the fire.

The Richmond Memorial Library is offering more than just books these days. To keep up with the times the library now offers e-books.
Richmond Memorial Library’s Community Services Librarian Leslie DeLooze said they’ve been offering electronic books or e-books for almost a year now, but the idea is still very new. She said they can be put on a whole slue of e-readers from your computer, nook, i-Pad, android device and tablet.
“The nice thing about e-books is that you can get them and download them basically anywhere and they are free just like borrowing a regular book from the library. The other advantage to e-books is that they return automatically so there are never fines associated with them,” said DeLooze.
All you need is your library card and you can download them anywhere in the world. If you’re you’re new to the e-book technology don’t fret, DeLooze said you can come into the library and the librarians will walk you through step by step.
“We have printed materials in the library if people need help, but if they’re a little computer savy it’s very easy just to go to the libraries website, which is and go to the little box that says download audio books and ebooks and from there it sort of walks you through the whole process,” said DeLooze.
The only downside to the e-books is that the has to library purchase them copy by copy so you may have to put them on hold like a regular book, but other than that they are still fairly convenient. However, Delooze said the library is looking into a service that provides the books without a wait. She said they hope that service becomes available to everyone soon.
When asked if she thinks regular books will be come extinct anytime soon. Delooze said “No, I wont think they will for a long time, but we certainly do see the popularity of the e-books.”
-story by WBTA reporter Ashley Hassett

Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was found guilty last night on 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse. Sandusky was convicted of sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15 year period, and the charges carry a maximum of 442 years and a minimum of 60 years in prison. While sentencing he still must await sentencing, the 69-year-old ex-coach is certain to spend the rest of his life behind bars. Sandusky has been remanded into custody until his sentencing, which has not yet been scheduled.

A Genesee County man has been indicted for allegedly assaulting a female that was 17 years old or younger. The five count indictment against Alexander Kessler includes two counts of criminal sexual act in the 1st degree and 3rd degree, sexual abuse in the 1st degree, endangering the welfare of a child and unlawful dealing with a child. Kessler is accused of providing the underage female with marijuana and alcohol and then subjecting her sexual conduct without her consent at a time she was unable to consent because she was physically helpless.




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