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Apologies have come out from three of the four seventh grade boys who verbally abused bus monitor Karen Klein from Greece.

The three boys from Greece Apollo Middle sent 68-year old Klein letters saying how truly sorry they were for their actions.  

A cell phone video posted on youtube showed the students verbally abusing Klein for ten minutes earlier this week. 

Police in Greece said at a news conference Thursday that Klein did not want to press charges against the young men who verbally abused her.

Klein told police she is confident the GreeceCentralSchool District will discipline the students involved appropriately.  

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# fish slayer
Friday, June 22, 2012 5:39 PM
i think the students and i heard a girl on that tape also besides the boys...should loose bus priveliges and theirnames made public so the parents get involved with punishment and any extra activities that require bussing they cannot do for a least one year sport away games, trips etc.. anone can write a letter they should face her to face and vidoe it so the world can see
if their really sorry that lady should retire and use the money people have given to sue the kids parents and school forthe abuse. really happy people set this account up for her great does she have to pay taxes on it better not have too ....
# Yanotk
Friday, June 22, 2012 5:41 PM
Thank Goodness.

The "little darlings" have made nice. How sweet and wonderful of them to apologize. America is improving in so many ways, because normally the parents of abusers sue the school system for gross negligence.

Happy days are here again! Yea, Rah, RAh!

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