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An illegal Mexican immigrant has admitted he raped and murdered his teenage sister-in-law last year in Albion.
Carlos Cardenas plead guilty to a charge of second degree murder just as jury selection was about to begin in his trial.
Cardenas admitted he raped his 15-year-old sister-in-law Katy Sanchez and then strangled her when she threatened to tell.
Cardenas faces 25 years to life in state prison.

Genesee Community College has backed off its request for additional funding from the Genesee County legislature.
GCC President Dr. James Sunser rescinded the school’s request for an additional $50,000 in county funding.
The Ways and Means Committee has recommended to the full legislature that GCC’s subsidy for next year remains at this year’s level.

It's a video that's gone viral: a group of middle school students bullying a school bus monitor. 
During the ten-minute video, the students hurl insults and ridicule 68-year-old Karen Klein. 
The principal of the Greece-Athena Middle School saw the video on YouTube. 
He called Robert Helm, whose 13-year-old son is one of those verbally abusing Klein.
Helm spoke to ABC's "Good Morning America"
"He got around some kids and made some stupid choices. But I basically wanted to come on here and say how sorry I am. My heart goes out to Karen. I really do feel terrible about the things that were said to her."
An online fundraising effort to assist bus monitor Karen Klein raised more than $85,000 in its first day. 

New York State Lawmakers are expected to pass a bill aimed at increasing the number of organ donors in the state. The proposal is known as "Lauren's Law" and it would require those who apply for a driver's license to complete the organ donor registry section of the application. 
The bill is named after 12-year-old Lauren Shields of Rockland County, who received a heart transplant in 2009.


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