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The State Senate has passed a bill that tightens up vehicle and traffic laws by making drunk drivers responsible if they leave the scene of an accident.

The bill named “Alix’s law” was suggested by Senator Patrick Gallivan after Doctor James Corasanti was acquitted of all charges when he argued he did not realize he hit 18-year-old Alix Rice on her longboard in Amherst last July.

Senator Michael Ranzenhofer said he voted for Alix’s law.

“The law was that if you didn’t know what you hit you didn’t have to stop and this takes away that loophole. It basically says look if you hit anything whether you know what you hit or you didn’t know what you hit you have an obligation to stop and I think that that’s a pretty fundamental thing that people ought to do,” said Ranzenhofer.

Ranzenhofer said it’s a common sense legislation, if people don’t know what they hit they should get out and check.

"Alix’s law" will be voted on in the Assembly next. 

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