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Police will be out in full force during the weekend of June 15th as one of the largest events in Genesee County takes place.

The Stafford Fire Hall will be having its annual Carnival all weekend and Friday night is the parade at 7p.m.

Genesee County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy of Road Patrol Gordon Dibble said that means Route 5 will be busy. He said detours will be created to cut down on the heavy traffic this evening.

“People that are not destined for there, but other destinations and they have other routes I would recommend they take those other routes. If you are going to the carnival leave early, get there early. Parking along the street is available on Route 5, but you have to be careful and make sure that your far enough off the street and just be careful of the areas marked by no parking signs,” said Dibble.

Dibble said local, State and County law enforcement will also be cracking down on drunk drivers.

“The idea of course is that everybody has a good time and everybody gets home safe and that our roads are safe, which is our primary duty. Any problems on the grounds the fire department has a group of security people that works in and around the beer tent in that area and they will call us if they need anything additionally or the state police,” said Dibble.  

Dibble said his advice to adults who are drinking is to go to the carnival with a plan. He said to make sure you know before how you will be making it home after the festivities.

The Carnival is at the Stafford Fire Hall with fireworks on Saturday night at 10p.m. and it will go until Sunday, June 17th. 

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