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Republican Congressional Candidate Chris Collins was in Batavia Thursday morning challenging his opponent Congresswoman Kathy Hochul’s support of President Obama.

Collins was in front of City Hall touting that a vote for Congresswoman Hochul is a vote for the President and his plans.

Collins' comments come after President Obama told reporters last week that the private sector was doing fine and Congresswoman Hochul said she proudly endorsed Obama for office.

Collins said the private sector is not fine.

“We are at a tipping point. Today our debt to GDP is the fourth highest in the world, only Italy, Greece and Japan are worse than the United States.  We are the fourth most indebted nation in the world. We have no choice; the difference is Romney/Collins are going to reduce the cooperate tax rate to 25%. We are going to give small business and big business the confidence to invest to grow their companies,” said Collins.

Collins said the President’s health care plan, that Hochul supported is crushing small businesses. He referred to his plan of giving small businesses a choice when it comes to their health care plan. 

Recently Hochul told the Buffalo News that she give the President mixed reviews and she's pushing more medicaid reform than the Presidents healthcare plan. 

Collins, Hochul and Republican David Bellavia are running for the new 27th congressional district seat. 

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