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What seemed like average weekly trips to the American Legion with Grandma caught the attention of the community and helped get a second grader from Robert Morris Elementary nominated as this year’s “Poppy Girl”.

Each year a "Poppy Girl" is chosen to represent the American Legion Auxiliary in LeRoy's Memorial Day parade.

7-year old Lexi Christopher talks about the efforts that allowed her to be chosen.

“I help and volunteer at the American Legion and we serve food to the veterans,” said Lexi.

Lexi’s grandmother Cathy Christopher is the one who would take Lexi to the American Legion Auxiliary pretty much every week. Cathy is very involved with the American Legion herself and she’s been instilling into Lexi that volunteering is something that everyone should do with no need for praise.

Lexi’s mother, Sarah Christopher said she didn’t know how much Lexi was doing with Grandma until she was nominated. She said Lexi’s father and I are so proud of her accomplishments.

“We’re very proud of her for being honored for her volunteer work for the veterans. We think it’s very important for her to give back to those that have given to us, we’re just very proud of her and we’re excited and we just can’t wait to see her out there,” said Sarah.

Lexi said she was very excited to hear she was going to be wearing a tiara, fancy dress and sash while riding in a convertible for the parade. Lexi said in one word how she felt when she heard the good news.

“Amazed,” said Lexi.

Sarah said Lexi has been working on her wave for the parade all week.

The parade in LeRoy starts 10:30a.m. on Monday in front of the American Legion Auxilary.

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