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(City oif Batavia News Release)
As part of the City’s Strategic Plan for Environmental Sustainability the City of Batavia is conducting a bulk item pickup for residential properties.  Residential properties will receive two (2) yellow special bulk item collection stickers in their next quarterly water bill.  The stickers may only be used between JUNE 1st AND OCTOBER 1st, 2012 for the disposal of bulk items on regularly scheduled garbage days.  

During the city-wide limited bulk pickup program only ONE sticker is necessary for the disposal of one bulk item such as a couch, appliance or dresser that would normally require two (2) orange stickers.  Residents are asked to place the bulk item with the sticker securely affixed to it at the curb/parkway on their regularly scheduled garbage day.

If there are any questions please contact either the Bureau of Inspection at 345-6345 or the Department of Public Works at 345-6325   

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