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The State Legislature is considering a bill that would create a registry for those convicted of felony animal abuse which is similar to that of the sex offender registry.

Those found guilty of the felony crime would have to provide their photo and address to the County Sheriff’s Office so that they could notify area businesses and residents door to door.

State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer said approves of the concept of the bill, but he’s feels the door to door notification is old fashioned.

"We have registry for sex offenders in the State of New York and generally that’s a computerized system and that’s the way that notification is provided. You don’t have to go door to door and provide the notification. The registry system that’s outlined in this legislation would require and antiquated door to door notification of somebody who is on the animal abuse registry,” said Ranzenhofer.  

Ranzenhofer said animals are very important, but he would rather be more alerted to sex offenders in the area than animal abuse offenders.  

The bill is up for a vote in the Senate next.  

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