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 A Buffalo-area historian says the man who survived his trip over the Canadian Horseshoe Falls is the the fourth-known person on record to survive such an accident.  Authorities still have not released the name of the 40-year-old man who went over the Falls yesterday morning.  Historian Paul Gromosiak tells the "News" only three others have safely gone over the Falls unprotected.  Authorities say yesterday's survivor did suffer injuries such as gashes, a collapsed lung and a severe chest injury.

Wire-walker Nik Wallenda is upset he's being forced to wear a safety harness for his death-defying stroll over Niagara Falls next month.  Wallenda says ABC-TV and other major sponsors are insisting he wear the safety device during his June 15th wire-walk, and says he's frustrated and upset by the request, feeling it takes away from the stunt.  
Wallenda says he fought the request, but ultimately had to cave when ABC threatened to not broadcast the event, which would have forced Wallenda to take a financial hit.  

The Town of Batavia Republican Committee is accepting nominations for the annual “Community Citizen Award.”
Each year the honor is given to a town resident who has dedicated his or her time to better the community. 
The committee is asking people to submit the name of the nominee along with the reason why they are eligible.
The deadline to nominate someone is Friday, June 1. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to crack down on cyberbullying in the Empire State.  
The governor has had talks with Albany lawmakers about making the issue a top priority for the year, though specifics of any such bill have yet to be announced.  
Discussions of any cyberbullying bill have focused on dealing with the issue through the public school system instead of new criminal penalties.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the proposed Justice Center to investigate cases of abuse and neglect of the disabled will have an independent reporting component.  
The governor says plans are taking shape to make sure the Center has an "independent watchdog."  Cuomo's plan calls for a complete overhaul into how abuse and neglect cases involving the disabled in New York State are handled.

A new poll finds a majority of New Yorkers tie their happiness to their weight.
The Marist poll finds that 72 percent of New York State residents think thin people are happier than overweight people.  
Sixty-eight percent of New Yorkers described themselves as being the right weight for their age and size, while 29 percent admitted to thinking they are overweight.
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