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Congresswoman Kathy Hochul was in town yesterday visiting many local establishments. First she spoke at the Independent Living of Genesee Region’s 2nd annual luncheon. She says she talked about the importance of supporting the independent living community.

“Providing them the opportunities and the resources they need so they can get people living independently more often in their homes. Sometimes our policies are so short-sighted,” said Hochul. “It costs so much more to have someone who needs assistance in a facility or nursing home, when in fact if you made some structural changes to their homes and get them home help, we can save a tremendous amount of money, but more importantly enhance the quality of their lives.”

Hochul says she was proud of the work being done at the independent living center. The congresswoman also toured Arctic Refrigeration yesterday.

“I was so fascinated with this business living amongst our community,” said Hochul. “They have been around since 1947 and they have expanded tremendously. So, I just wanted to get out there and find out what their needs are.”

The heating and cooling company won the county’s chamber of commerce’s business of the year award in 2011.

A new bill is making its way through Albany that would keep teenagers out of tanning booths. The bill would prohibit anyone under the age of 18 from using tanning beds at salons. Right now the law only bans tanning for those under 14 and older teens can use the beds with their parent’s permission. The American Cancer Society is backing the bill. Regional Vice President for the Cancer Society in Western New York Gretchen Leffler says it’s crucial to protect are young people’s delicate skin, because it’s more susceptible to getting melanoma.

“One of the real dangers of tanning is that you are tanning in places that never normally see the sun,” said Leffler. “Even if you enjoy going to the beach, you are wearing a bathing suit, where as in the tanning booth people go in and they’re naked. So, they are getting this exposure on parts of their body that never really get that kind of exposure.”

State Senator Mike Ranzenhofer says he disagrees. He says it should be up the parents whether their teens can tan.

“There are a lot of kids right now that are getting ready for their junior and senior proms, and if they discuss with their parents that they would like to tan, I think that it is a decision that they should make if it is not appropriate for them,” said Razenhofer.

Ranzenhofer says until the federal government bans tanning beds for everyone there should not be a bill stating who’s allowed to use them. The bill was passed in the assembly and is going to the Senate next.

The Albion Police Department, Fire Department and Central Orleans Volunteer Ambulance were dispatched to the intersection of Platt Street and East Avenue for a 1 car accident yesterday around 3 PM. A Cadillac driving east on East Avenue left the road and travelled over a curb and hit a nearby pole. The driver, Clifford J. Kelley of Albion, was found to be unresponsive by emergency personnel and was transported to Medina Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The accident remains under investigation but preliminary data indicates that Kelley may have had a medical incident which caused him to leave the road.

Daredevil Nik Wallenda’s tight rope walk over Niagara Falls has been turned into a primetime network event. ABC announced that it will devote three hours to the walk on June 15, as Wallenda attempts to walk over the falls on a high wire. Beginning this weekend, Wallenda will train daily on a 1,200-foot practice wire outside the Seneca Niagara Casino


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