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Lawmakers are considering at bill that would keep teenagers out of tanning booths. The bill would prohibit anyone under the age of 18 from using tanning beds at salons.

Right now the law only bans tanning beds for those under the age of 14 and older teens can use them with their parent’s permission.

The American Cancer Society said their backing the bill. Regional Vice President for the Cancer Society in Western New York Gretchen Leffler said it’s crucial to protect are young people’s delicate skin, because it’s more susceptible to getting melanoma.

"One of the real dangers of the tanning is that you’re tanning in places that normally never see the sun and even if you enjoy going to the beach you’re wearing a bathing suit. The tanning booths people go in and their naked, so they are getting this exposure on parts of their body that really never have this exposure," said Leffler. 

Leffler said they aren’t against tanning beds just the use by young people.

"They limit the exposure, people can only go in for 20 minutes at a time or whatever, but what we're hearing is that a lot of the younger people getting addicted to going into the tanning beds are going to multiple locations," said Leffler. 

But State Senator Mike Ranzenhofer disagrees. He said it should be up the parents to decide whether their teens can tan.  

"There are a lot of kids right now getting ready for their junior and senior proms and if they in discussing it with their parents feel that they would like to tan. I think it's a decision that they should make if they decide that it's not appropriate for them," said Ranzenhofer. 

Ranzenhofer said until the federal government bans tanning beds for everyone there should not be a bill stating who can and cannot use them.

The bill was passed in the assembly and is going to the Senate next.

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