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A home invasion burglar will spend 10 years in prison. 20-year-old Michael Hilton of Batavia/LeRoy was sentenced during an emotional hearing in County Court Wednesday.

Back in September Hilton broke into a home on Swan Street with an accomplice. The home owner awoke to find Hilton in his room standing next to his gun cabinet.

Hilton admitted to Second Degree Burglary in March. 

During the hearing the victim addressed Jude Robert Noonan saying "Hilton didn't realize how close he came to dying that night." The victim stated that when he realized he couldn’t get to his gun he wanted to choke the intruder, but he couldn’t catch him.

During the hearing a tearful Hilton apologized to the victims and his own family.

Judge Noonan acknowledged Hiltons rough childhood and the apologies, but said considering the crime he had to give the appropriate punishment.

Hilton recieved the maximum sentence under his plea deal. 

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