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The proposed charter which would govern a consolidated city and town of Batavia has landed on the steps of Town Hall with a resounding thud.

Town Board members looked over the document last night.
One Town Councilwoman, Patti Michalak, didn’t like what she saw:
"To me it looks like they took the city charter and kept it the way it is.Everything in here (the charter) is pretty much the city. It (the combined city/town) will run as the city does now."
Batavia City Council members saw the proposed charter last week and had very little to say about it.
Ultimately, the idea of consolidation and the combined charter will go to voters in both the city and the town.
Town of Batavia Supervisor Greg Post:
"I trust the intellect of our voting community to not let themselves be taken advantage of."
The town pays no town property tax. Members of the task force who authored the proposed charter say there are guarantees in the document to preserve the zero town property tax.
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