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The hit musical Legally Blonde is coming to Batavia. The musical opens this July at Genesee Community College and features actors from across Western New York.

Ann Marie Gsell is directing the musical. She said they are in the final stages of finding their cast, well their human cast at least. Gsell said right now she’s looking for a Chihuahua to play a part of “Bruiser” in the musical.

“A long haired Chihuahua is probably not what I’m looking for; I’m looking for a regular kind of taco bell Chihuahua. My dream Chihuahua would be one that can run on stage, sit on command, bark on command and not piddle all over the stage,” said Gsell.  

Gsell explained why it’s crucial to have a Chihuahua that can strut it’s stuff with no fear.

“The moment Bruiser runs in on that stage, which is within a minute and a half of the show starting Bruiser is going to get applause. So I need a dog that is not skittish and a dog that can just do it,” said Gsell.  

Gsell said owners and their dogs can arrange a one on one meeting with her by calling (585) 343-4215.

“I would like Bruiser cast within the next two weeks, because I really want Bruiser and Elle to form some kind of relationship. After that Bruisers attendance at rehearsals will be minimal.

The roles played by people are not set in stone. The final day of human auditions will be held Wednesday, May 2nd at the John Kennedy School in Batavia at 6:30p.m.

Chihuahua’s can also stop on by if they would like to audition too.

For addtional information contact the shows Producer Jason Juliano at (716) 390-7615.

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