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As the warm weather starts to hit so do the construction projects. National Fuel is reminding contractors, excavators and even people getting ready to plant a tree of shrub to call 811 before they dig.

The effort is called Dig Safely New York and it reminds people to find out if there is a natural gas line in the areas they're digging.

National Fuel Corporate Communications Associate Emily Ciraolo said it's the law to call before you dig.

"It's important to call before you did, because if you do damage and underground utility line not only do you risk harming yourself or those around you, but you run the risk of disrupting that service to the whole entire neighborhood and potentially being held responsible for fines and repair costs. So really it's in everyone's best interest to call," said Ciraolo. 

In 2010 alone 380 natural gas or electrical system incidents statewide were caused by uneducated digging.

The number is 811, call before you dig.

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