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A committee of the County Legislature has recommended that Elba Legislator Charles Zambito become the next County Attorney.
To replace Zambito as District 2 Legislator, the Ways and Means Committee recommended the appointment of Bergen Village Trustee Robert Bausch. District 2 includes Elba, Byron and Bergen.

Bausch tells WBTA he has the right background for the post and he is ready to make a committment

The appointment of Zambito as County Attorney and the appointment of Bausch as District 2 legislator must be approved by the full legislature.

The Monroe County Medical Examiner’s office believes that a Bergen man who died while in police custody, suffered a heart attack.
The preliminary findings of an autopsy performed on Richard Fox showed that the 46-year-old Swamp Road man suffered some type of fatal coronary event on Tuesday night while being arrested for DWI. A final autopsy report will not be ready for several weeks.

A 69-year-old Buffalo con-man will spend the next two to four years in state prison for stealing $2,000 from a Batavia woman.
Yusuf Hassem, who also goes by the name Louis Reed, was convicted of taking the woman’s money while outside the Tonawanda Valley Federal Credit Union. Hassem was dressed in formal African attire and spoke in a fake Nigerian accent. His victim, who asked not to be identified, asked the judge to lock Hassem up for ever. The maximum sentence was 2 to 4 years, and that’s what he got.
Hassem has a rap sheet 23 pages long.

A measure approved in the U.S. House of Representatives could amount to a crushing blow to the Seneca Nation's tobacco business.  The House overwhelmingly approved a ban on the mailing of cigarettes.  Every major anti-tobacco group in the U.S. pushed for the measure.  The bill if signed by President Obama would make it much harder for minors to purchase cigarettes on the Internet.  The House vote was a major disappointment to the Senecas in their lobby efforts to save tribal businesses, which send cheap, tax-free cigarettes to smokers across the country.  That business employs over one-thousand people in Western New York.

Employees of Pioneer Credit in Wyoming County are concerned about their jobs. So much so, that the company paid them to go to Rochester yesterday and protest in front of the federal building. About 100 Pioneer employees participated. Pioneer in Arcade and Perry employs over 1,000 people.
Pioneer credit is worried that if a proposed change in student loans becomes law, their business would be crushed.
The government is considering processing student loans directly through the Department of Education and not through Sallie Mae, which owns Pioneer Credit. Pioneer serves as the collection agency for those loans.


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