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The debate is continuing across the state on whether to increase minimum wage.

The current minimum wage rate is $7.25. If a bill is passed it will be raised to $8.50 by 2013 and $9.24 by 2014.

State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer said he’s against an increase, because he’s concerned it might hurt the people it was intended to help.

"If you increase the minimum wage is that gonig to result in a reduction in employement which will lead to high uneployement and make things even more difficult for people in Batavia, Pavillion and Darien to find entry level positions," said Ranzenhofer.   

Ranzenhofer said another concern is that if surrounding states have lower wages it will only make the area less competitive and lead to a decrease in jobs.

A public forum on the issue was held in Albany Wednesday morning. 

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# Brian
Friday, April 20, 2012 8:44 AM
Ranzenhofer sounds like he is really out of touch with the current times. He should try to live on minimum wage for a year or two. He would quickly change his take on minimum wage. Does he even know there are new companies moving into the area? Give the working people a break. Corporate America needs to stop being so greedy.

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