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Genesee County is preparing for wildfire season. Although there was rain on the ground Wednesday, dry conditions have been causing a few brush fires over the past few weeks.

Genesee County Emergency Management Coordinator Tim Yaeger said there are regulations on open fires during this time of year.

He said people are not allowed to have open fires from March 16 through May 14 due to the increased risk of wildfires.

"There is no open burning allowed in New York State of any branches or any yard debris what so ever, again cooking fires are allowable," said Yaeger.

Compared to last years numbers there haven’t been more fires then normal for this time of year. Yaeger talks about why it seems like there have been more than usual.

"Some of the fires that we've had recently in the last few days are folks just doing their regular spring clean-up or if they are burning garbage illegally and they catch the undergrowth and it spreads pretty rapidly," said Yaeger.

Yaeger said the rain were seeing now could help any accidental fires from spreading, but people still have to abide by open burn regulations.

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