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Some Easter sentiments could cause harm to your pets. WBTA was educated by State Street Animal Hospitals' Dr. Fran Woodworth about what holiday items pet owners should be weary of. 

"A 20-pound dog that eats one of those really pretty small chocolate bunnies at about 6 ounces, that's a toxic level of  anytype of chocolate for that size dog," said Dr. Fran. 

Dr. Fran said that pet owners should also steer clear of Easter lilies. It’s more commonly reported that they’ve been known to kill cats. Dr. Fran said that if ingested they can cause mouth irritation or kidney failure in any animal.

"though you just want to keep all of that new and different and interesting stuff up where these guys can't possibly get into it," said Dr. Fran. 

Dr. Fran said if you can’t put these items up where your pets can’t get to them then it’s probably a good idea not to buy them at all. 

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