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New rankings from the New York State Health Department were released this week.The study from the Health department looked at all 62 counties in the State.

Genesee County ranks 25th, up from last years 21st spot. It took many things into account such as how long we live, our quality of life, health behaviors, and social and economic factors.

United Memorial MedicalCenter’s Director of Community Relations Colleen Flynn talks about why the County could be seen as more unhealthy this year compared to last year.

“We’re a very small county compared to many in New YorkState where we have less than 60 thousand residents. We also have an aging population, our population isn’t getting any younger we not having an incredible number of children born, which tends to sway that data where we would be healthier. We also have some populations that are more prone to chronic conditions,” said Flynn.  

Flynn said there many different factors that could cause the health of the County to fluctuate.

“There are a number of sociological conditions that also contribute to a person’s health. Did somebody loose their job? Did they loose their health insurance, are they uninsured and afraid, that they don’t go into the doctors office when they have a sinus infection, because if they need treatment they don’t know how they’re going to pay for it and that perpetuates. Do they have a problem with finances where they can’t afford their medication? Is there diet adequate and healthy enough? Can they afford fresh vegetables and fruit?,” said Flynn.   

The study repots that Orleans County fell to 40th place from last years 24th last spot and WyomingCounty is unchanged in 12th place. 

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