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The Holland Land Office Museum opens their “Treasured Wedding Memories” exhibit today. The exhibit will showcase unique wedding gowns from the 1840s to today. Kathy Jasinski is on the Board of Directors for the museum and she says they will also be showcasing head pieces, purses and bridal trousseaus (or what we know today as lingerie).
“It’ll appeal to everyone,” says Jasinski. “We even have the men’s travelling articles and we have an old tuxedo and a new tuxedo.”
The stigma is that all brides wear white, but many brides wore colorful dresses. A blue wedding dress from the 1950s will also be on showcase. Executive Director of the museum, Jeff Donahue, says that these dresses are nothing like the ones you see brides wearing today.
“The work on it is just absolutely phenomenal. If you stop and think about modern technology today,” says Donahue. “We have machine laces and such, but this stuff is all done by hand. You look at it and go ‘oh my god!’ We’re so used to pushing a button now and having instant gratification. They took the time and know how to do all this stuff by hand.”
Some of the dresses were worn by the family members of people living in Genesee County. Donahue says many of the dresses will be paired with a photo of the bride who wore it.
“Ashley Bateman’s grandmother’s gown is on display, along with Anne Marie Starowicz’s mother’s gown, the Peca’s, and some of my mother’s things from her wedding. Her portrait and such are on display,” said Donahue.
Again the grand opening for the exhibit is today from 11 AM to 3 PM. Enjoy live music and refreshments.

New York State’s 2012-13 budget passed ahead of schedule. The budget was finished two days ahead of the Sunday deadline. State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer says they were able to hold the line on spending for the second year in a row.
“We were able to drive a lot more money into our schools for the school districts in Genesee County, a much higher percentage then anywhere in the State, we were able to direct a lot of infrastructure funding to the roads and bridges in Genesee County. So over all we were able to accomplish a lot of things without spending more money then we have in previous years,” said Ranzenhofer.
Ranzenhofer says the fact that the senate was able to pass the budget early shows that they’re working together to get things done in a timely manor.

The New York State health department placed a ban on synthetic marijuana. The lethal designer drug has been sold as herbal incense at convenience stores and gas stations across the state. Genesee County health department inspectors have been out all day today issuing notices to store owners letting them know they cannot be selling these drugs. Genesee County Sheriffs Office Chief Deputy Jerry Brewster says right now as of now no criminal charges will be placed for those possessing the synthetic drug.
“If we have complaints, we will bring in the federal government, who will prosecute because federal law prohibits that,” said Brewster.
Brewster says however the there is state legislation pending in Albany bans that would make procession of drug illegal all together.

Federal agents charge a Batavia man with possession of child pornography.39-year-old Jeffrey Wawrzyniak is accused of sharing kiddie porn over the internet. Agents said they found over 700 images of child porn on Wawrzyniak’s home computer. If convicted, Wawrzyniak faces 10 years in prison or a fine of $250,000 or both.

6 Livingston County teenagers are being charged with vandalizing a seasonal home in Conesus. Deputies say the kids caused $15,000 damage to the windows alone. The accused vandals are between the ages of 12 and 16. They have been charged with felony counts of Criminal Mischief and Burglary. The 16-year-old was sent to jail but is now out on bail, the others will be processed through family court. Investigators told WBTA that the damage done to the secluded property had to have happened over the course of a few days. Many Genesee County residents own seasonal property in Conesus and around the Conesus Lake.


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