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A Batavia City Council Member is re-opening a Town of Batavia restaurant with family roots. Rose Mary Christian’s family owned the restaurant formerly known as the Beehive in 1956. She said she decided to re-open the restaurant in the town because she loves being in the restaurant business, not at all because of her political ties to the city.

 “This business was here long before I was into city council, okay. My Dad had built it in 1956, I didn’t get into politics until 1991, so it really shouldn’t have a bearing on it what so ever,” said Christian.

Christian said she decided to re-open because, there aren’t many restaurants on the Southside of town. She talks about what this new restaurant will offer.

“So were going to have delicious home cooked meals, plus we will be serving good people. I’m going to have Italian dishes, I’m going to have homemade soups, I’m going to have a quarter pound hot dog that I love in New York City, it has mustard and sauerkraut on it, okay. It’s delicious, you have to try it,” said Christian.

Christian said another reason she liked the location was due to a road that will likely connect the new agri-business park to Cedar Street. The road makes it easier for workers there to get onto Ellicott Street which means they’ll pass the restaurant and in turn possibly stop in. 


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