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A bill was introduced Wednesday that would put a cap on the salaries of executives at the United States Postal Service.

The postal executive accountability act would reinstate an old policy of paying the Postmaster General and other USPS executives no more than cabinet secretaries, or just under $200,000 per year. The bill would also prohibit USPS from issuing bonuses to executives.

The cap comes after the postal service made budget cuts this year. Congresswoman Kathy Hochul said thousands of jobs are in jeopardy across the country and 750 of those jobs are in Buffalo.

 “It’s absurd to think that the Postmaster General and his executives would make more than cabinet secretaries. This would bring some money back to the treasury, but I’m not saying it’s enough to alter these decisions, but it’s also a statement for our taxpayers that we understand that when times are tough that our postal service has to do the same as all other American families and tighten our belts and not be making exorbitant salaries,”said Hochul.

 Hochul said the money from the salary cap is very much needed as the postal service continues to work with major budget constraints. 

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