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The New York State Senate passed a bill on Tuesday that will increase public knowledge about the safety of amusement park rides.The rides at county fairs, carnivals and amusement parks will now display signage that will direct people to the labor departments website for ride safety information. The website will have information the rides history such as inspections and violations.

WBTA asked State Senator Mike Ranzenhofer who supported the bill, if it was pushed forward because of the death of a war amputee on a roller coaster at DarienLake this past summer.  

“You know it’s hard to say whether of not that was the reason why this bill passed. Certainly throughout my district and throughout the state there are literally millions and millions of people that come to the state to go to County fairs, amusement parks, that go to ride these rides,” said Ranzenhofer.

 Ranzenhofer said he also doesn’t think the new law will negatively affect amusement parks business as usual based their ride information.  

 “If someone decides after looking at the information that they don’t want to go on a particular ride then they can certainly make an informed decision. I really don’t think  that this is going to have a tremendous impact on whether somebody rides a ride or not, but again it’s information that’s available in the event that somebody wants to go take a look at it.” said Ranzenhofer.

Ranzenhofer said the new law just makes it easier for people to access information that they already inquired about from the department of labor. 

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