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Despite pleas for leniency from the victim, a judge handed down a near-maximum sentence to Christopher Preedom in Genesee County Court on Monday: 12 years in prison, and five years' supervision after release.

Preedom appeared for the first time after pleading guilty in December to a reduced charge of first-degree attempted assault. Preedom had been accused in the November 12th break-in and assault at Batavia Gardens Apartments, in which the victim, Timothy Costanza, lost his eye.

Preedom and two accomplices, brothers Kevin and Timothy Andrews, all took plea deals in the case.

Today in court, the victim of the attack, Timothy Costanza, read a statement to Judge Robert Noonan, asking the judge to "grant leniency" to Preedom. District Attorney Lawrence Friedman, however, indicated that he had information that the plea for leniency was prompted by Costanza's fear of retaliation.

"While it may be considered noble that the victim is asking for leniency here," said Friedman, "...this defendant (Preedom) has already received a substantial break, being allowed to plea down from a Class B felony, under which he faced 25 years in prison.

"Given the circumstances of this case," Friedman continued, "I'm convinced that had he (Preedom) been convicted on the more serious charge, he most likely would have been sentenced to all of those 25 years."

Preedom's attorney, Fares Rumi, disputed those claims and asked the judge for youthful offender status and lenient, minimum-term sentencing. Preedom himself was emotional and apologetic in court, even asking for Costanza's forgiveness.

"I've committed a crime...I know I've messed up...I made a mistake," said Preedom, tearfully. "I'm willing to face the consequences." Family and friends in the courtroom also sobbed through Preedom's statement.

Judge Robert Noonan sentenced Preedom three years below the possible maximum 15-year sentence, but said he could not bring himself to impose any less.

"The problem is: even if Mr. Costanza is appearing here as your very best friend," said Noonan, "you have still committed a crime against society that is horrendous. You took out a person's eye in the most horrific way."

Preedom stood slouched and stared at the judge for the rest of the sentencing.

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# co-defendent
Monday, February 27, 2012 7:03 PM
convicted eye stabber? he didnt get convicted of stabbing tim, he was convicted of attempting to assault him. bogus charges is what this all is my brother loses seven years of his life because of such minimal involvement on his first charge ever? as chris gets 12 on his first charge? ....somethings not right and best believe people out here will be figuring it all out.
# wife
Tuesday, February 28, 2012 3:32 PM
First off there is no evidence or proof that christopher stabbed this man who was in prison for 8 yrs and bit a guys ear off because he was black he said he liked dark meat.Second he shouldnt even get the charge he has now because he was let into the house by his brother who lives with this scum tim.But no batavia police refuse to get the brothers real statement and took his statement when he was intoxicatedand they harass and follow me and his little brothers and just all together dont like the preedom's.And the dam judge is under investigation and is on a personal vendeda against chris because of something his farther did yrs and yrs ago!!!!! This whole situation is wrong your making my husband look like an animal.Cheak his reacord!!!!! Clean he is a good man husband brother son and a wonderful father....we will find justice he wont be doing 12 yrs promise all of you that
# A.J. Andrews
Monday, December 09, 2013 1:22 AM
he better be doing the full 12 as far as I'm concerned if my 2 little brothers are stuck doing 7 years each as "accomplices" for just being there at the house that they were invited into by tim as well as chris's own brother!!!! Almost a year later and I'm still hell bound pissed that my 2 youngest brothers are in prison doin time for a crime that Chris committed.
As for proof, he admitted that he did it, as Kevin was trying to split them up from fighting......
I sure as hell wish that lie detector tests were admitted as legal evidence in court

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