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Senator Mike Ranzenhofer is making the rounds of his district, announcing Senate passage of what’s known as the “All Crimes DNA Bill.”

Ranzenhofer appeared at the Genesee County Sheriff's Office Thursday, urging the State Assembly to pass the bill immediately. Under the proposed law, anyone convicted of any felony or misdemeanor in New York State, would have to submit their DNA to the state’s criminal databank.

It’s an expansion of the current law, which applies to all felonies but only some misdemeanors.

"This is very helpful in solving crimes – and on the other hand, it’s also very helpful to exonerate the innocent,” said Ranzenhofer, who voted in favor of the bill just three days ago.

Members of local law enforcement were also on-hand today – all support of the bill, including District Attorney Lawrence Friedman.

"I took a plea in a burglary case, where the only evidence at the scene was blood left behind by the suspect," said Friedman. "The blood samples were processed for DNA, and a hit was obtained on a career criminal we've been dealing with for decades. And now he's back in prison again."

Neither Ranzenhofer nor Friedman, nor Sheriff Gary Maha, believe the proposed law is an infringement on personal rights. They each pointed out that the law is also instrumental in exonerating the innocent.

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