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Local lawmen hope the conviction of Steven Rebert on a double murder charge in Pennsylvania, will prompt a final witness to come forward in the 2005 slaying of Oakfield’s William Fickel.

Rebert has been considered a person of interest in the Fickel case.
There is evidence to support a murder charge against Rebert for the killing of Bill Fickel, but a conviction is not assured.
Genesee County Sheriff Chief Deputy Jerome Brewster says there may be a witness who could seal the case against Rebert, a witness who has feared to come forward up until now.
"Perhaps there is someone out there who has information, who was afraid to come forward out of fear of some retaliation by Rebert. Now that's he's been convicted, he will have no opportunity to retaliate."
William Fickel was shot to death in front of his Burns Road home in November of 2005.

The New York State health Department has now confirmed that 15 LeRoy High School students – including one boy – are exhibiting tics and verbal outbursts.
A Buffalo neurologist, who has treated some of the students, says they are suffering from Conversion Disorder, a form of mass hysteria.
Several parents of the LeRoy students question the diagnosis and are attempting to seek second opinions.

Anti-tobacco groups in New York are upset with Governor Andrew Cuomo over proposed funding cuts for their initiatives.  Cuomo has proposed cutting tobacco control spending by five-million dollars. 
Officials with groups such as the NYS Smokers' Quitline are lobbying state legislators to get the money restored saying such cuts mean the state can't afford broadcast announcements to encourage people to quit smoking.

Tompkins Financial Group, parent company of the local Bank of Castile, has released fourth-quarter earnings for the latest fiscal year.
There’s a slight dip in the numbers this quarter, but Tompkins’ net income still hit a company-record 9.4-million dollars.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he's not backing off his billion-dollar pledge to Buffalo.  Speaking in the city yesterday, Cuomo told an audience that Buffalo needs to embrace the future, and he'll work side-by-side with local leaders to revitalize the city with new business and jobs.  Cuomo says the billion-dollar pledge is a "historic opportunity" for Buffalo, and leaders should take every advantage to better the city.
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