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The nation has now seen the face of the mysterious tics that have affected a dozen LeRoy High School Girls.
Two of the 12 appeared on NBC’s Today Show this morning.
Thera Sanchez and Katie Krautwurst appeared on the show with their mothers.
But the impact on the girls was painful to watch and listen to.
Thera Sanchez, a 17 year old honor student. said her life has been dramatically altered by the tics which were obvious during her brief appearance on the show.
"The doctors told me this is mostly stress induced. When these (tics) started, I was fine, I was perfectly fine. I felt good about myself, I was on honor roll, there was nothing going wrong. I just woke up one day and the stuttering started," Thera said. 
State Health Department officials maintain the ailment affecting the girls is not contagious, and it not environmental.
The state says there is a diagnosis and it has been given to the girls and their families, but due to federal privacy laws, the diagnosis can not be made public. 
Some parents dispute the claim that a confirmed diagnosis has been made.

Some doctors have been quoted as saying the aliment is a conversion disorder…where psychosomatic symptoms are converted into physical symptoms. 

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