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The Genesee County has held its first meeting of the 2012-2013 legislative term on Wednesday night.
The County Legislature has three new members but its political balance remains, eight Republicans and one Democrat.
The lone member of the minority is Ed Dejanerio representing the City of Batavia.
Joining DeJanerio representing the city are Republicans Frank Ferrando and Marianne Clattenburg.
The other new member is Republican Shelley Stein representing LeRoy.
Town of Batavia Legislator Mary Pat Hancock was unanimously re-elected as Legislature Chair, a post she has held for 11 years but is still humbled by the office:
"It is an honor to lead them, absolutely.I sometimes wonder," Hancock mused, "maybe they don't want this job! The fact of the matter is, you'd think I'd be really good at this by now but its a learning experience every single day."
Mrs. Hancock said a top priority for the local legislature is dealing with the 2-percent property tax cap without some kind of immediate state mandate relief.
New Genesee County Legislature prepares to pose for its official portrait Wednesday night.
From left, back row: Jay Gsell, County Manager; Charles Zambito, County Attorney; Frank Ferrando (R, Batavia Wards1 & 6); Robert Bausch (R, Elba, Byron & Bergen); Raymond Cianfrini (R, Alabama & Oakfield); Ed DeJanerio (D, Batavaia Wards 4 &5); Carolyn Pratt, Clerk of the Legislature.
From right, front row: Shelley Stein (R, LeRoy); Annie Lawrence (R-Pembroke & Darien); Mary Pat Hancock, Chair (R-Towns of Batavia & Stafford); Esther Ledley (R-Alexander, Bethany & Pavilion) and Marianne Clattenburg (R-Batavia Wards 2 & 3)
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