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More than half the members of the Batavia City Council are new to their job as city lawmakers.
Five new members, all men, took their seats on council last night
The five include Councilmen at-large Brooks Hawley and James Russell who took their oaths of office.
New Ward Councilmen are: Kris Doeringer, Ward One; John Canale, Ward 3 and Pier Cippilone, Ward 4.
Unanimously elected Council President was Republican Tim Buckley
Buckley says a top priority is to settle the Batavia Police labor contract which has been dragging on for several years.

Michael Smith
Batavia Police are trying to find a 13-year old boy missing after visiting with his mother.
Michael Smith was last seen with his mother, Anna Spencer, who does not have legal custody of the child. The two were spotted boarding a bus for Buffalo Monday morning.
Anyone with information is asked to call Batavia Police.

Batavia Police are warning about the latest telephone scam designed to rip you off.
BPD tells us a local resident received a phone call from a suspect who claimed to be the local citizen’s relative. 
The suspect said that they were jailed in Peru, and needed a large sum of bail money. 
The local citizen headed to Tops grocery store to try and wire the money via telegram. But Tops officials knew about the scam – they sniffed it out and stopped it.
Batavia Police warning, if you get a similar call, hang up and report it. 

Genesee County’s Meals on Program is no longer personally delivering meals to elderly shut-ins on a daily basis.
The program has been cut to three deliveries per week
The budget reduction saved the county 20-thousand dollars.
Office for the aging Director Pam Whitmore calls the cut, especially troublesome. For many the delivered meal was the only personal check on the senior’s well being.

A deal has been struck between the Town and Village of LeRoy that should allow the municipal swimming pool to open this summer.
LeRoy Village Mayor Ged Brady confirms that the Town and Village have signed an agreement allowing the town of take over operation of the pool.
This clears the way for a citizen group to contribute money and manpower to repair the pool and bring into compliance with health codes.

Thousands of Buffalo Sabres fans weren't able to watch last night's game against Edmonton due to a cable spat.  Time Warner Cable remains at an impasse with the Madison Square Garden Network over money negotiations, and Time Warner has pulled MSG programming.  
About 241-thousand Time Warner customers in Western New York get their Sabres telecasts through MSG.  
No word on when the two sides will resume negotiations.

The Sabres will be on WBTA Friday night from Carolina. 

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# Melissa
Monday, January 09, 2012 1:03 PM
A lot of things can really happen all in one day. And it's great there there are sites like this which give updates of just about everything.

I'm particularly interested about that scam stuff. I certainly agree with the report. These scammers have been on the news pretty much lately and it's amazing how they are able to scam people. Since this scam mainly targets the elders, I never leave my grandma alone. Whenever I go to work, I make sure my sister stays around to keep her company. Well, grandma was raised as a very loving person and she's too trusting, which makes her vulnerable to scams. I wouldn't want her to get a phone call like that where the scammer tells her tragic stories just so she'd send money to him. No way.
# Melissa
Tuesday, January 10, 2012 8:35 PM
By the way, just an update, I've read from this consumer complaint site that there have been a lot of reported instances of these scam calls already. And what's amazing is that these scammers seem to have a lot of phone lines to call from.

I wonder, is there anything phone companies can do about this? Because whether they like it or not, technically, they're being used as accomplices in carrying out the scam. And besides, they can always look up caller information from their end. That's an advantage over the local authorities.

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