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UPDATE (12:50PM):

WBTA News has contacted all Genesee County grocers and produce merchants, and several from the surrounding region. None of those stores currently receive or ever received shipments of cantaloupe from Jensen Farms or the Colorado area.

Most area cantaloupe shipments come from California and Arizona. BJ's Wholesale in Batavia actually receives its cantaloupe from Costa Rica.

The outbreak has been tied in recent weeks to Rochester-based grocer Wegmans, which did attempt to recall some of its cantaloupe product. The closest Wegmans stores near Genesee County are in Geneseo and Brockport.

Genesee County Interim Health Director David Whitcroft tells us this afternoon, no one in Genesee County should be worried about contracting new cases of Listeria from cantaloupe.

"I don't think anyone should fear this...all of the recalled product has been removed from the system, and there's probably no danger at all now," he said.

It’s unclear where or how this area victim may have acquired her cantaloupe. However, in accordance with the behavior of Listeria bacteria, she may not have noticed symptoms for up to 70 days after consuming it.

Whitcroft advises area residents to always keep watch for media reports of food recalls.

An elderly Genesee County woman has died as the result of the deadly bacteria Listeria – the death has been linked to the nationwide Listeria outbreak.

Genesee County Health Department officials tell WBTA News today that the woman is an elderly individual who had other, underlying health issues. She is the second New York State resident to die as a result of Listeria infection. The first lived in Ontario County and died earlier this month.

Overall, 25 people in the U.S. have died from this Listeria strain. 120 more are reported infected. The Listeria has been traced back to the "Rocky Ford" cantaloupe grown and shipped from Jensen Farms of Colorado early this summer.

Listeria is most often found in raw foods, including meat and vegetables. But Listeria can sometimes prosper on foods that have already been cooked or processed, and then become exposed.

The bacteria usually causes serious illness in those who contract, and can be fatal. Those most at risk include elderly adults, pregnant women, newborn baboes and anyone with a weak immune system.

Signs of Listeria include fever, headache, vomiting and nerve irritation. These symptoms may take up to 70 days to appear, and anyone suffering those systems and worried for their welfare should seek immediate medical care.

WBTA News is working to gain more details into this Listeria death. We'll bring those to you as we have them.

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