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The Batavia City School District is making further changes to its proposed consolidation plan.
We reported to you yesterday that the School Board had elected to move its decision on consolidation back to next March. Now, Superintendent Margaret Puzio is announcing that consolidation Option #3 – which would have eliminated neighborhood schools by moving all grades K-2 to Robert Morris, and all grades 3-5 to John Kennedy School – has been eliminated.
In addition, two new options have been added to the proposal. One of those was introduced off-the-cuff by parents at a public forum.
Under that option, neighborhood schools are maintained. Two main elementary schools would split Batavia in half: west side K-4 students would likely go to Robert Morris, and east side K-4 students would attend John Kennedy or Jackson. All pre-K would go into one of those schools. The remaining building would become administration headquarters. 5th graders would move to the Middle School.
There are two more public meetings to discuss all this. The first is tonight, to be held at Batavia High School, beginning at 5:30pm. The other is next week, October 4th at Jackson School. All parents in the district are invited to attend and learn more about the revised plan.

Batavia Police say they’ve got their men in a recent string of home break-ins in Batavia.
Two men were apprehended early Tuesday morning in the city. Police first received a call of a burglary in progress at a Williams Street home. The suspects fled the home, but a short time later lawmeKurt Hawkinsn spotted one of them near Ellicott Street. A short foot chase brought the man down. Arrested was 18-year-old Kurt Hawkins, Junior.
While police returned to investigate the burglary, another one was reported on Swan Street. Another male subject was chased from a residence, and police had to conduct a ground search. Apprehended a short time later was 20-year-old Michael Hilton. He’s believed involved in the first break-in as well.
Michael HiltonBoth men are without permanent address, and both are now jailed without bail on burglary charges. Hilton also allegedly violated his parole.
Both men face further charges, pending investigation.


New information is in on Batavia's suspected purse burglars today.
Police Detective Charles Dudek has confirmed to WBTA News that the three subjects in new police surveillance photos are suspected in similar crimes all over Western New York.
Here in Batavia, a male suspect walked into United Memorial Medical Center on North Street, and snatched a wallet from an employee’s purse. He and two females later used credit cards from that wallet at local businesses.
They’ve apparently hit other hospitals and colleges in the area. At least one of the suspects has been identified, from surveillance photos.
You can see those photos from Batavia Police by clicking here.

New Italian deli Gigi’s has just opened on Batavia’s north side.
Owner Krista Maniscalco of Batavia began operating on Oak Street just this week, in the location of the old Sallome’s Deli.
Gigi's is named for Krista's late grandmother, Genevieve.
"She passed away five years ago, and she was huge in our lives," says Krista. "I was trying to think of something catchy, and all of sudden I thought 'Gigi's,' because of my grandmother."

A picture of grandma Gigi even hangs on the wall in her new deli namesake.
Gigi’s offers high quality meats, a sit-down dining area and several Italian specialties, as well as seasonal items. Krista emphasizes it’s not going to be a money-maker – she’s slashed prices to offer high-quality food at a reasonable cost.

School bullies are still taunting the family of a New York teenager who committed suicide after years of harassment over his sexual orientation.
Sister Alyssa Rodemeyer says she went to a homecoming dance the same day of her brother Jamey's wake, and some students started chanting they were glad he was dead.
"I don't understand who would have the heart to disrespect someone, even after they're dead," she said. "It's mind-blowing."
Alyssa says she's speaking out to promote her brother's message that everyone should be treated equally.
Jamey Rodemeyer committed suicide on September 18th. He was just 14-years-old.


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