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Accused sex abuser Ronald Smith returns to Genesee County Court today, awaiting a verdict in the trial against him.
The jury in Smith’s trial will re-enter in its 4th hour of deliberation at 9:30am. Jurors are weighing the evidence that Smith inappropriately touched a 7-year-old girl three times, late last year and early this year.
In a videotaped interview with police shown yesterday in court, Ronald Smith admitted he did touch the girl. But he maintains that it was an accident, and it happened while they were playing.
Public Defender Gary Horton discredits the 7-year-old’s inconsistent testimony against Smith, and says there’s no evidence to prove he did it on purpose. But prosecutors say nobody touches a 7-year-old girl, three times, on accident.

City Police warn residents: lock your doors at night, now and always.
A pair of homes on Norris Avenue and State Street were broken into overnight Monday to Tuesday this week – but apparently there really wasn’t much "breaking" to do. Police say the houses were left unlocked.
Cash and a laptop were taken. Police are pursuing leads and ask the public to phone any information to their confidential tip line: 345-6370.

A Livingston County inmate who managed to collect thousands of dollars in unemployment, while behind bars, will be spending extra time behind those bars.
Albert Weathers, Jr. has been sentenced to 1-1/2 to 3 years in prison for illegally collecting over $8,700 in unemployment benefits, while he was locked up at Groveland Correctional Facility.
He'll begin serving that time when he finishes the current term for criminal contempt and probation violation.

The state told us, time and time again: texting while driving will cost you. Apparently the cost is pretty high.
Under the new law making it a primary offense, texters behind the wheel were ticketed 1,082 times just in the month of August.
To put that in perspective: from January to June, only 427 drivers on average, per month were ticketed for distracted driving.
Under the law, you can be fined $150 for texting while driving, and lose three points on your license.

What are your thoughts on hydrofracking?

A new poll finds your fellow New York State residents are divided on drilling for natural gas upstate.
The Quinnipiac University poll shows New York voters support drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale, by a thin 45% to 41% margin. Supporters say they think economic benefits outweigh the environmental concerns.
 56% of suburban voters support drilling.

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