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WBTA News presents the final installment of "Attica at 40: In Our Own Words," aired on this 40th anniversary of the beginning of the Attica Prison Riot.

It's hard to believe that WBTA's station president was away on the advent of his biggest news story. But Bill Brown was in Westchester County on September 9th, 1971, moving his daughter back to college.

Bill was back in town as the riot ended, but his legacy is defined by the work he did for years afterward, writing in favor of the victims and families of Attica, and railing against the prisoners who started the violent, bloody riot. Today, Bill offers Attica the way he saw it - complete with one of his famous on-air editorials.

 to listen to our full interview with Bill Brown.

CLICK HERE to read the transcript of Bill Brown's 40th Anniversary editorial.

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