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IMAGE: A rough diagram of the proposed sewer line from the Agri-Business Park to city sewer lines. Map courtesy Google Maps.

The Batavia City Council has scheduled a special business meeting for 7:00pm Thursday night to vote on a new sewer service deal for the Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park on Route 5. The deal will finalize the method for removing sewage materials from tenant businesses at the Park.

It has been agreed in the past that the City's wastewater plant is the only area plant capable of handling high-volume sewage output from manufacturing facilities. But getting the sewage into the City was the issue.

Under the new proposed deal, the City would enter into partnership with the Town of Batavia. Sewage pipes would be laid on Town land, from the Agri-Business Park over to Cedar Street. The City will then build a new sewage pumping station on Cedar Street, next to O-AT-KA Milk. That station will pump sewage flow along Cedar Street up to East Main Street, where it will connect with the City sewer system.

The benefit is two-fold. O-AT-KA Milk Products on Cedar Street has been hampered for years by insufficient capacity in the City sewer system. With this deal in place, O-AT-KA will also be able to tap into the newly-built pump station right next door. That will allow O-AT-KA to move forward with a planned expansion at their facility.

"This agreement is established to...allow us to construct the project with the funds that GCEDC and O-AT-KA are putting forth," said GCEDC President Steve Hyde today. GCEDC owns the Agri-Business Park, and has had a heavy hand in the sewer process right from the start.

"There was a 'sorting-out' that went on, because O-AT-KA's needs had to be integrated into the process," Hyde said in explanation of the long wait. "It took a little bit of time, but fortunately it didn't affect the groundbreaking for Alpina Foods (in the Park) or any of the construction activities."

The sewer deal was vital to Alpina's construction process beginning this fall. There is currently no planned date for an official groundbreaking at the site.

Hyde expects the City to gain hundreds of thousands of dollars in sewer fund revenues from this deal, as more and more businesses populate the Agri-Business Park.

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