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The testimony of a 4-year-old child is all that remains to be heard, following a toddler's fall from a second-story window last night in Batavia.

The incident happened at about 7:47pm last night at 18 East Avenue. The unidentified 17-month-old boy tumbled about 14 feet onto a paved surface below. Batavia Police Detective Todd Crossett says the boy's mother made the discovery when she heard her son crying.

"She heard the cries, and went into the second-floor room and found her child was not in the room," says Crossett. "She then heard the cries outside...and found the child outside the house."

The child was conscious and alert. He was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester with non-life threatening injuries. Crossett says the boy is being evaluated today and will likely be released from care soon.

Only one other person was in the second-floor room with the toddler at the time of the fall: a 4-year-old boy. No one has spoken to the boy yet, though Detective Crossett believes the county's Department of Social Services will conduct that portion of the investigation. Crossett says he can't yet rule out foul play, until the boy is questioned.

The window itself is described as "low to the floor." A residential screen was installed as the only guard from falling out.

Crossett says common screen safety measures are critical during the summer months.

"You have to make sure your screens are installed properly," he says, "and if possible, secure the screens so they can't be lifted up and out of the track."

The investigation into the fall is continuing. Detective Crossett says it is not a criminal investigation at this time.


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