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Though they could not offer a timeline for completion, officials with Darien Lake Theme Park & Resort have announced that plans are underway to repair the "Ride of Steel."

The now-infamous rollercoaster is under its second shut-down in a month due to a snapped lift-chain that broke around 6:10pm yesterday. 32 patrons were on-board the rollercoaster at the time. "Ride of Steel" was ascending its first and highest hill, when the chain broke and apparently also came away from its housing.

Due to the break, the coaster automatically stalled approximately 100 feet off the ground. Riders then had to exit the rollercoaster by walking down a narrow, steep catwalk.

"While we regret the inconvenience experienced by no time were they at risk," said Park General Manager Christopher Thorpe in a prepared statement. "The coaster performed exactly as it is designed to do."

According to the statement, the exact causes of a broken lift-chain "can vary."

Park officials say the timing for re-opening "Ride of Steel" will be based on the availability and installation of new parts. The release also notes that the ride will be inspected "by both park and independent experts."

WBTA News has been in contact this evening with the State Department of Labor. They confirm that they are investigating the mechanical malfunction. The ride will reportedly be closed until their full mechanical inspection is complete.

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