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Darien Lake’s Ride of Steel roller coaster has been shut down for the second time this summer.
A chain used to haul the coaster’s train up the first hill broke stranding 32 riders halfway up the hill.
It happened just after 6 last night.
It took a half-hour to get the riders back on the ground.
No one was hurt.
It was the same coaster from which Army Sgt James Hackemer died back in July.
Sgt. Hackemer, who lost both of his legs to a roadside bomb in Iraq, fell from the first car of the coaster.
It was later determined that ride operators violated the park’s own rules by allowing Hackemer to ride in the first place.
It was also determined there was nothing mechanically wrong with the ride at the time.
Darien Lake officials said the Ride of Steel will remain closed until further notice.

There has been another batch of Darien Lake concert arrests.
A Buffalo man was jailed last night for fighting with security guards as he was being thrown out of the Blink 182 concert.
Eleven others were given appearance tickets for various violations and 54 were ticketed for underage drinking.

United Memorial Medical Center is clarifying their purchase of Batavia’s Elks Lodge.
The hospital purchased the East Main Street building back in December, and later decided that repair costs were too high to keep the building. 
Tentative plans for the site include a small park, or a parking lot.

The Statue of Liberty is closing for a year this fall.  
New York’s Parks department will embark on a 27-million-dollar renovation project to make the structure safer for the roughly three-and-a-half-million people who visit the monument every year.  

Hundreds of dignitaries gathered at St. Patrick's Cathedral yesterday for the funeral of former New York Governor Hugh Carey.  The service was presided over by Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who called Carey "a proud and charming Irishman."  The former two-term Governor died last Sunday at the age of 92.  


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