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City Councilman William Cox will undergo site review by the Town of Batavia Planning Board on Tuesday for a proposed 5,000 sq.ft. building to be built in the Genesee County Agri-Business Park, for his Marktec Products business.

Marktec distributes industrial label-making equipment to manufacturers.

"We've outgrown our space, and we're securing additional lines of equipment to expand our sales and service," Cox said in an interview this afternoon.

Marktec is currently located within the city limits, on Ellicott Street near Oat-Ka Milk. Over 50% of the company's clientele are food processing companies. according to Cox. He sees that as an advantage towards moving into an agri-business park, with one high-profile yogurt company already getting set to move in as well.

"We're working closely with the Genesee County Economic Development Center" to see how and if partnerships can be forged with other businesses, Cox said.

"Locating in the Agri-Business Park will enable us to provide immediate technical service to food processors who locate there," Cox tells WBTA. "Hopefully we'll secure new equipment sales to those processors.

"Very frequently, when they build new buildings, they also update their equipment."

In response to concern that a City Councilman is moving his local business out of the city and into the Town, Cox replied that it's a moot point.

"My existing employees will still be in place," he said, "and I'm not a landowner right now, so I'm not paying property taxes." Cox leases his current space from Classic Home Improvement.

He also doesn't see any political conflicts of interest in the move outside city limits. He says there's no feasible way that this would even impede with city-town consolidation talks.

"I believe (the move) would help enhance future tenants in the park, if they knew they had some localized service for a lot of the equipment they'll be using," he says.

Currently, Cox is still gathering quotes for the job. He has not bought any land, but does have a parcel selected within the park.

Cox says he may go with a local contractor to build his building. Even if he doesn't, he'll encourage the contractor to use locally-made materials in construction.

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