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State Police are warning of an e-mail hoax that uses their name to plant a virus on your computer.

The e-mail apparently shows up in your Inbox with the subject line “Uniform Traffic Ticket.” Inside it is a form that resembles a traffic ticket, with localized information regarding trooper barracks and court information (see example below).

The e-mail asks you to open an attached file – and that’s where the virus is.

"This e-mail is not from the State Police or the Department of Motor Vehicles," the news release reads. "If you receive this likely contains a virus."

Troopers say the virus is mainly circulating through Yahoo! e-mail accounts, so those users should be particularly aware. Users who receive the e-mail should not open it, and should not forward it to law enforcement. Troopers recommend that you simply delete it.

Trooper computer forensics investigators are currently analyzing the virus to understand exactly how it works.



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