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Rochester police report that a Genesee County man was shot in the leg while watching the Fourth of July fireworks show in Rochester.  40-year-old Daniel MacKey of Bergen was watching the sky show with his 10-year-old daughter when he felt a sharp pain in his right leg.  
He saw blood.
Some nearby firemen bandaged up the wound, not realizing what it was.
MacKey sought out additional medical care in Batavia where it was discovered his wound was caused by a small caliber bullet.
His injury was never life threatening.  Police do not believe MacKey was targeted by the shooter, who remains unknown.

The gap is widening in what motorists in Western New York pay for gasoline and what drivers are paying in other parts of the country.  
The AAA says the average price for a gallon of regular in Western New York is $3.80/gallon, 24-cents more than the national average.
The AAA says the reason for this "is a mystery."  

The Batavia City School Board holds its reorganizational meeting this afternoon. 
The Board will seat new member Amy Barone, and elect a new president and vice president.
The meeting begins at 4:15pm this afternoon at the school administration building on Washington Avenue.

In Wyoming County, Route 246 is scheduled for repaving beginning today. Route 246 is also known as Perry Road. 
It runs through the Town of Pavilion.
This job is scheduled to take two weeks to complete.

Consumer confidence in New York slipped in June.  According to the Siena College Research Institute, overall confidence in the current economy among New Yorkers came in two points below the national average.  Director Doug Lonnstrom says residents are only opening their wallets as necessary.


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# Jenny
Wednesday, July 06, 2011 8:18 AM
I believe you need to be a little more careful with editing... "Triple-A" may be how this is pronounced...but the logo is actually AAA...and that is most likely what needs to be used when it is written. It is probably a copyrighted logo and if you do not write it as such, doesn't that leave you open to legal issues?

It also does not engender much confidence in the education of the writer, since it sounds as if the writer is not aware of his topic.

thanks....I will get off of my "high-horse" now.


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